Kursdauer: 3 Tage, Tageskurs
Kurssprache: deutsch

Angular is one of the most popular development platforms for building mobile and desktop web applications based on the principle of single-page applications. This course gives you a detailed introduction to Angular with TypeScript and its concepts.

  • Setting up development environment: Node.js, npm, Visual Studio Code or IntelliJ IDEA
  • Introduction in TypeScript
  • Implementing properties, events and ngModel (bindings) in components
  • Typical component interaction patterns in Angular
  • Enhancing components with pipes and directives
  • Implementing template-driven and model-driven forms and validation
  • Using routing
  • Dependency injection with services
  • Asynchronous data services
  • Modularization of Angular applications
  • Using third-party component libraries (f.e. PrimeNG)

Advanced topics (optional):
  • Component and unit tests
  • Redux pattern
  • Designing reactive architectures with RxJS
  • Building i18n applications with @ngx-translate
  • Security aspects (f.e. authentication)
We also offer advanced Angular trainings on further topics. Please contact us if you are interested!