Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 JavaServer Faces Developer Certified Expert

Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 JavaServer Faces Developer Certified Expert

Exam Number: 1Z0-896
Exam Product Version: Java EE
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Dauer: 120 Minuten
Anzahl der Fragen: 87
Erforderliche Punktzahl: 70%
Format: Multiple Choice
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Additional Training and Preparation

In addition to the Recommended Training course(s) from Oracle University, your preparation plan for Oracle Certification exams should include hands-on practice or on-the-job experience performing the tasks described on the Exam Topics tab. OU courses may not cover all exam topics and an integrated exam preparation approach is recommended.

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  • Identify the features of JSF such as Facelets, BookMarkable View, AJAX support and the benefits they bring in
  • Identify the life cycle stages of JSF, flow of request processing, and purpose of FacesContext
  • Design XHTML pages using JSF HTML tag library and demonstrate usage of JSF implicit objects
  • Develop and associate model components with views using CDI Named beans and identify the advantages of CDI Named beans over Managed Bean
  • Manage user and application state using various scopes like flash, conversation, application, request, and session
  • Implement internationalization/Localization using resource bundle and Locale class
Section  2: JSF Navigation Model
  • Design JSF pages with static and dynamic implicit navigation
  • Configure faces-config.xml to implement navigation rules including conditional and redirection
  • Design bookmarkable views
Section 3: Data Conversion and Validation model
  • Implement data conversion model using JSF standard converters
  • Create, configure, and use custom converters
  • Identify the best suited standard validator and implement it in a given JSF application
  • Create, configure, and use custom validators
  • Describe the usage of bean validation
Section 4: Event Handling
  • Use CDI Named bean in a JSF application to handle action and valuechange events
  • Create and implement listeners to handle events
  • Develop JSF application that handle life cycle events
  • Implement asynchronous events using AJAX
Section 5:  Data table and Composite Components
  • Design a DataTable with header and footer to populate and manipulate data from various components like Array, List, ResultSet, DataModel and describe the differences between and
  • Implement composite components in JSF application and enhance it using AJAX
  • Implement templates in a JSF application and describe the differences between and
Section 6: Custom Components
  • Identify when and how to use custom components and custom renderers.
  • Enhance JSF application using HTML5 components
Section 7: Security
  • Configure security for JSF application using authorization and authentication techniques
Section 8: Test, Package, and Deploy a web application
  • Implement efficient error handling and debugging techniques in a JSF application
  • Configure and deploy a JSF application